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Since the establishment of the Aquinas Foundation, a wide array of life-changing initiatives have been incorporated into many schools. Helping to close the gap on behaviour, attainment and attendance, with the aim to bring students together as one.

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The Aquinas Foundation

The Aquinas Foundation was founded in 2012, the Aquinas Foundation was established in the East Midlands in order to maximised attainment in schools. Th Aquinas Foundation possesses a determined and proactive outlook, striving to ensure that a positive impact is achieved for everyone we work with.

The foundation aims to give young individuals the vital support they need in order for them to ‘chase the rainbow’ and achieve their goals.

Our tailored incentives are put in place to support children in primary and secondary schools, we customise our incentive to suit the requirements of the school and children supporting in the best possible way giving the school and individual a personalised experience, our incentives include; interaction with sports celebrities, involvement in sporting activities, anti-bulling schemes and competitions, tickets for the cinema, football, bowling, clip and climb and many more. We aim to support and re-integrate children back into the education cycle in order for them to achieve and realise their career prospects and opportunities.

It has always been a delight to work with schools and the professionals who work within them and we have had much positive feedback from all of our partners. We are keen to hear from any of our schools if they have ideas of how we can help in your situation. In the meantime, we are working with many organisations in the city and region to offer further benefits to all our partners. 

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