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Keeping up with our team as we expand Aquinas internationally and the UK homeland. We have many exciting things to introduce including new recruiting tools and general news for our candidate's and school's.

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St John Houghton Academy Derbyshire

: November 21, 2017 1:25 pm s Leave your thoughts

Jack Cole from Aquinas Education made an important visit to St John Houghton Academy to support the school on their charity event… together with our donation they managed to raise a fantastic amount to go towards such a great cause. Well done to everyone involved.


“Hi Jack,

 Thank you so much for taking time out from your day to support the presentation this morning. 

 Many thanks for your kindness and generosity in our charity fundraising.  It’s been great working with you.

 Best regards

 (Karen Morley- Finance Assistant)

If you or your school would like to know any more information on how the Aquinas Foundation can help do not hesitate to contact me at rosie@aquinasfoundation.com.