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Keeping up with our team as we expand Aquinas internationally and the UK homeland. We have many exciting things to introduce including new recruiting tools and general news for our candidate's and school's.

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Ferry Lane Primary

: February 28, 2017 5:58 pm s Leave your thoughts

Ferry Lane Primary School in London had a different assembly today as they had a visit from us at The Aquinas Foundation. we presented an assembly focusing on Attendance and Punctuality in school. 3 pupils from year 6 had created a fantastic presentation all about attendance which they had put together in their break times. It was great to see the students being so enthusiastic about going to school and the importance of learning.


We launched an attendance project which will run from now until the end of the Easter Term. Whichever class achieves the best attendance up until then will win a prize of a professional dance teacher coming in to school to teach a street dance class as well as a Dominoes Pizza delivery for the whole class!


This went down very well with the children who were all very excited in the assembly, we will be looking forward to see whether this improves the attendance and punctuality.


Our Lady of Muswell Primary School

: February 28, 2017 5:03 pm s Leave your thoughts

Our Lady of Muswell Primary School had a special visit from Jermaine Jenas(Aquinas Education). Jermaine went in to the school to present to the children and talk about how important it is to be in school every single day in order to achieve. He also talked to the pupils about punctuality, Jermaine recalls upon many times in his life where it has proved important to study and do well in school.


The children were so excited to have a special guest at their assembly and it was clear that it made a huge impact on them even in that short space of time.

We are running a project in the school where the class who achieves the best score for punctuality until the end of the summer term will win a prize reward. The Prize will be announced in the summer term!

Good Luck to everyone at Our Lady Of Muswell… we will be checking in on you to see how the scores for each class are along the way!


“Dear Sam,

Thankyou both so much for a great morning – the children and staff were buzzing all day from it.
Jermaine’s message to the children was very inspirational and definately struck a cord with them.

We’ve added info about his visit to our website so have a look, we are also hoping it will be in the local paper”

Audrey Galvin(Dep Head Teacher)

Dunkirk Primary School have a special delivery…

: February 23, 2017 4:42 pm s Leave your thoughts

The Aquinas Foundation wanted to do something a little bit different for Dunkirk Primary School this week. We provided the school with an exciting prize for the class who had achieved the best results for attendance in the last 2 terms. We delivered 30 doughnuts straight from the Nottingham Doughnut Company and we surprised the winning class in their weekly assembly!



The children had no idea what was in the boxes and we definitely did not disappoint!! they were thrilled with the prize and even the children who didnt win this time were excited to think they could be in for a prize such as this the next time!!


Well done to all of the children who managed to get such great attendance scores. We will be supporting Dunkirk throughout the year… look out for the winners of the next attendance poll, there maybe some Easter treats coming their way!