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Keeping up with our team as we expand Aquinas internationally and the UK homeland. We have many exciting things to introduce including new recruiting tools and general news for our candidate's and school's.

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Whitegate Primary Attendance Project winner!

: October 25, 2016 12:47 pm s Leave your thoughts

whitegate 100% bike 2016 2

Whitegate Primary School in Clifton is another school that we work closely with in regards to projects and helping the school in any way to achieve their targets.

Attendance seems to be a constant area of focus for most of the schools that we work with and we are always striving to achieve better for the school and come up with new ways to keep both the pupils and parents connected with school in a positive way.

We have been providing Whitegate with mountain bikes for a few years now as an incentive for the children.  The way the project works is, if a child receives 100% for a whole term then their name gets placed in a hat… if they then receive 100% for the following two terms then they will have their name in the hat three times. This gives all of the children a chance to have their name in the hat, as some children may have a doctors appointment or dentist etc they will still have the same opportunity for the following terms.

We have seen a clear rise in attendance and we were their to witness the winner being drawn.

whitegate bike 2016

William Booth Attendance Winners…

: October 25, 2016 12:15 pm s Leave your thoughts

William Booth Primary have been working on their attendance and The Aquinas Foundation have helped them along the way with some great incentives for the children.

We went to the Attendance Assembly to drawer the winning names out of the hat and everyone was sat with baited breath to hear the names announced! the children were all very excited.

william booth 2016 winnersTom Buckmaster (Transform Trust),William booth pupil Bike Winner, Claire Paparozzi(Head Teacher),William Booth pupil Bike winner, Rosie McLaughlin(Aquinas Foundation)

They were reminded by us that even if they don’t win the prize this time they will all be in for a chance next time if they manage to get to school every day and receive 100% attendance.

Well done to all of the pupils who managed to receive 100% this time… it is a fantastic achievement.

QMC Hospital Fayre

: October 25, 2016 11:55 am s Leave your thoughts

The Aquinas Foundation were asked to donate a gift for the Queens Medical Centre Hospital School Fayre. “The Children’s Hospital School educates children and young people across 13 wards at the Queens Medical Centre Nottingham as well as the Wolfson Centre at the City Hospital. The School is part of the hospital and home education learning centre which provides first class education across the city of Nottingham for students with medical needs”.

hospital hamper


Ben Clarke (Aquinas Education), Eleanor Tweedie (Head Teacher), Rosie McLaughlin (Aquinas Foundation)

We took a family hamper along and it was raffled off as a prize! the day was a huge success and was broadcast on the local news.

It is for such a great cause and a lovely day was had by all!

Edale Rise Primary Announce Winners of Attendance Project.

: October 25, 2016 11:31 am s Leave your thoughts

The Aquinas Foundation have been working closely with Edale Rise Primary school on their attendance drive and have provided the school with some fantastic incentives for the children. All of the children who managed to gain 100% attendance had the chance to win something from an array of prizes.

We went along to the awards assembly to watch the pupils collect their certificates and prizes. It was a positive and fun way for the children to understand the importance of coming to school every day. They all got to see their peers stand up and receive a prize and this was something I feel will have a knock on affect for the children in the terms to come.

edale rise 2016 winner(Winners of bikes provided by Aquinas)

We will continue to work with Edale Rise and we are constantly looking for new and interesting ways for the children to be inspired to come to school every day!

for more information on how we could help your school please contact me on rosie@aquinasfoundation.com

Arnbrook Primary increase attendance with the help of the Aquinas Foundation

: October 18, 2016 3:31 pm s Leave your thoughts

arnbrook awards 2016 3The Aquinas Foundation paid an important visit to Arnbrook Primary school to present the winners of the attendance awards with their prizes donated by Aquinas.

arnbrook awards 2016 2


We were there to watch the children sing their inspirational assembly song that they all sing together at their awards assemblies. The awards were then given out for the most improved and 100% attenders. The children received Certificates and vouchers and then the main prize which was a brand new mountain bike was awarded.

The children were very enthusiastic and looking forward to having the chance to win a bike next term.