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Keeping up with our team as we expand Aquinas internationally and the UK homeland. We have many exciting things to introduce including new recruiting tools and general news for our candidate's and school's.

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Southwark Testimonial 2016

: March 10, 2016 12:26 pm s Leave your thoughts

“Since Aquinas have been supporting attendance at Southwark we have been able to raise the profile of attendance and punctuality hugely.

We have had some amazing prizes and experience days donated which we use as incentives for our children and have a big celebration event at the end of the year to celebrate our children who have achieved.

school trip southwark

Past prizes have included bikes, scooters, cinema tickets, meal out vouchers, goodie bags and loads more.

Through Aquinas we have been able to take our children to the cinema for private screenings and have had some exciting guests such as footballers to talk about the importance of good attendance in assemblies.

We are looking forward to a VIP football match experience and a trip to the farm later this year and Aquinas always find new ways to support our attendance initiatives.

southwark 2014-15 1
southwark 2014-15 4Since working with Aquinas we have seen a big increase in our yearly attendance percentages and we went from having 17 children achieving 100% attendance to 71 in the first year of working with them.

The staff are really friendly and eager to help in any way they can including visiting school for assemblies or class activities.

winner southwark scooters
Thanks to the generous donations of prizes the parents and children at Southwark get really excited and involved in our attendance and punctuality initiatives and they are always excited when they hear about a new event or competition. Our attendance figures are growing every year and we are looking forward to finding new ways to work with Aquinas to raise them even more!”
southwark 2014-15 2
Kaya Percival (Class Teacher & Maths Team/Attendance Change Team)

Aquinas are thrilled that we have helped Southwark primary school with their attendance and have had such a positive affect on the children. We are looking forward to receiving more figures as to how much the attendance has risen this term and will continue to think of new and exciting ways to keep the pupils attendance progressing… Well done to everyone involved!