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Aquinas Education/ Foundation Sponsor CLP Initiative “Relish Reading”

: February 1, 2013 12:46 pm s Leave your thoughts

What is the CLP?

The Central Learning Partnership is a group of 18 member educational establishments in the central area of the City of Nottingham within the East Midlands region. Families and children within CLP neighbourhood areas are disproportionately affected in some way by income deprivation, the CLP was set up in order to support these children and their families in our school settings using initiatives, schemes and projects.

Aquinas' Ryan Miller hands over Kindle Fire HD & Books to Heidi Hollis, CLP Director

Aquinas is extremely proud to of teamed up with Nottingham Cities Central Learning Partnership (CLP). With Aquinas having similar aims and goals to the CLP we thought it was essential we had some involvement and brought something different to the table. We are one of the driving forces behind the latest CLP initiative, the “Relish Reading” project. This initiative targets 30 children over 2 terms to help them find a love for reading and improve literacy performance throughout school. We decided getting the children engaged with new books and interactive new technology was certainly the best way to achieve our goals. Aquinas  provided 16 Kindle Fire HD tablets, 65 reading books & over 30 book bags for the schools taking part in the project.

Look out for an appearance or video speech from Queen Park Rangers FC midfielder Jermaine Jenas. Visit www.aquinasfoundation.co.uk