Left cut off

Looking for staff?
Even at short notice, our local teams of dedicated consultants can provide the staffing you need to take the strain out of supply and recruitment. All our staff are DBS checked & vetted, fully qualified and ready to start with enthusiasm.

Right cut off

Highest Quality Standards

We interview face to face to make sure each individual recruited has the same ethos and beliefs as Aquinas Education in making a real difference in each individual school or education environment. We also match the individuals skill set, personality and suitability to fit the right school or environment, achieved by our high levels of relationships with such schools.

Here is the process we go through with every individual who joins Aquinas:

  • A face-to-face professional interview with an education specialist
  • Confirmation of qualifications
  • Professional references are obtained
  • DBS check completed
  • Once employment has been offered health questionnaires are completed
  • Barred list checks
  • National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL) check
  • Staturory Guidance, Keeping Children Safe checks completed

Rewarding Ambitious Schools

Aquinas Education are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week, covering anything from day to day sickness to long term absence including maternity cover and permanent placements within a school. Each placement, regardless of how long, is dealt with in the same manner – making sure every teacher placed is the best match for that individual school and suits its personality and school ethos.

This is achieved by a very personal and tailored relationship between Aquinas Education and the school, whereby Aquinas have visited the school, built up a relationship and asked the relevant questions to be able to place the right candidate into a placement.

Aquinas Education reward these loyal schools with their own personalised identification code, this code helps schools to build reward points, like a loyalty card works in most supermarkets. Aquinas also helps schools on local projects, sporting events and fund raising. This is due to Aquinas’ vision on helping schools and pupils to become more ambitious and to make the most of their education.


We are very proud of the various projects Aquinas Education have already been involved with. Please view these via our blog and testimonial pages. We are the only educational consultancy with the luxuries to provide such rewards to schools and educational environments.

We believe in a 360-degree relationship, where we are able to have a positive influence with our schools and the pupils as well as have immense pride in the staff we provide. Examples of the projects we run are the Career Champions, Young Dragons Den and the Big Year of Reading Summer Challenge.

To find out more about the reward scheme, how Aquinas can help with local projects or more about our recruitment process please contact us on 0115 9244 788