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Even at short notice, our local teams of dedicated consultants can provide the staffing you need to take the strain out of supply and recruitment. All our staff are DBS checked, fully vetted and ready to start with enthusiasm and professionalism.

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Aquinas Education is a specialist education recruitment agency. We source and support all of our supply staff on a personal level, making sure they share the same objectives and ethos we strive to give in our unique approach.

The name ‘Aquinas Education’ arose from the Patron Saint of Education Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Our ethos is quite simple; we strongly promote ambition within schools and education environments. We want to promote the positive meaning of the phrase “to be Ambitious”.

Not only do we supply the highest quality teachers and support staff. we also give back to the schools offering a reward scheme. The Aquinas foundation offers continued support and also provides positive role models for children aspire to.

Why Aquinas Education?

‘The three P’s’ Aquinas have a strict mantra that everyone must follow, to be Professional, Prepared and Passionate. We believe in going that extra mile in regards to everything we do.

‘DfE Pay Rates’ we ensure that all long term candidates are paid to the DfE pay scale whilst still being competitive with school charges, this attracts the highest quality in the market.

‘No Fee’ policy to all of our schools, offering no introduction costs if a school wants to employ one of our candidates from a temp to perm contract – we are the only agency to do this.

‘Aquinas CPD’  We are one of the only recruitment organisations to offer training and professional development for our candidates. In 2013 we formed a partnership with Independent Thinking, a collective of education specialists from Headteachers, Authors, Inspectors and Consultants who help to develop and train all of our candidates as the education system is ever evolving.

If you are interested in registering for Aquinas Education as a teacher or want to know more about Aquinas Education as a school then our contact details are below.

Contact Aquinas London

Workspace 160 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2DQ

Telephone: 0208 449 6262

Email: sam@aquinaseducation.co.uk

To find out more about the reward scheme, how Aquinas can help with local projects or more about our recruitment process please contact us on 0208 449 6262